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Today, I want to talk about the key element that makes up every Story, the Scene. What is the Scene?

scrittissimo come scrivere un libro, un romanzo, un raccontoBut before starting this lesson there’s something I want to tell you. This article is the translation in English language of another article written by myself in Italian and titled: “Che cosa è la Scena e a cose serve”.

So I do apologize in advance for any translation error, for any English grammar error and for any syntax error.

So let’s start!

What is the Scene?

The Scene is a basic form of Story. It is a kind of “brick” that, combined with hundreds of other bricks, creates the whole vicissitude.

The Scene may have a more or less extensive space-time amplitude and a more or less extensive dimension depending on the Writer’s Style and depending on the necessities of the Narrative.

This means that within the same Story it is possible to alternate Scenes of one paragraph to Scene that fill a whole chapter!


And the alternation between scenes is determined by a more or less important change of situation, of place or time.

However you can talk about technically well-constructed Scene when its content is sufficiently developed to be summed up with a title.

To make this possible it’s important to consider the Scene as a Story within the Story.

Let me explain.

As I got to explain several times, a Story should be develop through a Three Acts Structure, that is, it should be composed of a Beginning, a Middle and an End.

The same principle should be applied to the Scene!

In this case, however, we don’t talk about Acts but we talk about Segments of Scene. Indeed, some Creative Writing experts divide the Segments into even smaller pieces called Beat of Scene.

So just setting up the Scene as a tiny Three Acts Structure, it becomes “Story within Story”, namely a basilar and independent space-time unity that, in conjunction with the other units, builds the whole vicissitude! That’s all for today!

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