HOW TO OVERCOME WRITER’S BLOCK: 5 causes – 5 solutions

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The writer’s block is the involuntary interruption of the creative flow. When you are struck by the writer’s block you have the unpleasant sensation to have nothing to say or not to have the capacity to writing good contents.

scrittissimo come scrivere un libro, un romanzo, un raccontoBut before starting this lesson there’s something I want to tell you. This article is the translation in English language of another article written by myself in Italian and titled: Il Blocco dello Scrittore: 5 cause – 5 soluzioni

So I do apologize in advance for any translation error, for any English grammar error and for any syntax error.

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How to overcome Writer’s block: 5 causes – 5 solutions

Probably you, like me, have facing this invisible enemy at least one time in your life. Indeed anyone can be impressed by this problem: from the professional blogger to the great writer, from the good student to the best journalist.

Anyway I have discovered there are at least 5 causes that, once recognized, can be managed quite easily. Let’s see them one by one.

1. You don’t believe in your abilities

One of the primary causes of the Writer’s block is the lack of self-confidence. I tried it on my skin. When I think that “I’m not able to do … “ it’s really much better for me to close the PC and going out for a ride.

I have noticed that as long as I don’t get out of that mental condition, my brain refuses to cooperate.

difference between tone and style

My advice: when you hook the flow of insecurity, do something to distract and empty your mind for – at least – twenty consecutive minutes: you can do exercises, you can drink a hot herbal tea, you can cook, you can take a bath, you can have a shower, you can take your dog for a walk and so on. In short, do something that can really distract you from the idea “I’m not able to do”.

Very often the “controlled distraction” allows you to recover the lost time.

2. repeated interruptions

The second cause of the Writer’s block is placed in the distractions that modern life submits us in every moment. In the previous paragraph I told you that “controlled distraction” can help you to regain concentration but it can’t become a pretext to stop continuously your writing work.

The second cause of the Writer's block is placed in the distractions that modern life submits us in every moment.

A message on the phone, a call, an email, a little game, a glance to the social page are capable to stop the creative flow. And believe me :), once interrupted, it can be really difficult to find it exactly where you left it!

My advice: it may seem the most trivial and obvious of the recommendations, however, as long as you are in the creative flow, please don’t interrupt it! Eliminate from your sight all the things that could bother you and postpone them to a more appropriate moment, possibly during the minutes of “controlled distraction” that I explained you in the previous point.

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3. Excess of perfectionism

The third cause of the Writer’s block lies in perfectionism.

Perfectionism, by itself, doesn’t cause the Writer’s block, but it generates a lot of anxiety. The anxiety, in turn, increases the personal expectations and extend execution times in the attempt to perfect what (most likely) is already well done.

My advice: precision never hurts, it’s well known, but it’s better to learn how to limit ourselves. For example you can write the text and, if you are not completely convinced, you can wait the next day to fix it, to perfect it and to edit it. This system reduces signicantly the risk to incurring into the Writer’s block.

4. Lack of training

I tested this problem on my skin. If I don’t write for a long time, for example a week or ten days, switching on again the creative flow is, for me, very complicated. It could take two days for me to return to produce effectively.

My advice: if possible, try not to stay too long without writing. Alternatively fill out a personal diary, or take note of ideas, new projects, topics you’d like to work on or something you’d like to learn something more.

Researching and practicing are two infallible methods to keep your mind trained.

WRITER'S BLOCK - Even if you are in a period of stress or overwork in which you must unfortunately put aside your personal needs, you have to give yourself rest periods.

5. excessive tiredness

Tiredness is part of everyday life. Who can say that he has never been in a state of energy deficit? However, tiredness is almost always the result of not listening our own vital rhythms and needs.

Even if you are in a period of stress or overwork in which you must unfortunately put aside your personal needs, you have to give yourself rest periods. That doesn’t mean spending a month on vacation in the Caribbean Isles or disconnecting the phone for two weeks. It simply means listen and indulge the needs of your body and your mind.

My advice: if you are a professional Writer and you really have to work all day, please rest your body and mind at least in canonical moments, that is during the night.

If you are going to have heavy writing days, avoid standing up until dawn and choose to go to bed early. Eventually get up early in the morning, but do not deprive yourself of the right hours of sleep. It never pays.


As you can see, with simple precautions you can check and eradicate at least five situations that cause the Writer’s block.

Of course, the methods to solve the Writer’s block aren’t limited to these 5 simple tips. Anyway I can assure you that 80% of the reasons that cause this problem are contained in this list. Furthermore I add a sixth advice that you can find within the (italian) article highlighted below:

come attivare la concentrazione

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